2017 Organisers & Regional Partner

EFIB 2017 is organised by EuropaBio and Smithers Rapra, alongside our regional partner bio.be

EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries, which brings together bioscience companies from all fields of research and development, testing, manufacturing and distribution of biotechnology products. Its corporate, associate and national association members are involved in the research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotechnology products and processes, and cover a wide range of activities: human and animal healthcare, diagnostics, bio-informatics, chemicals, crop protection, agriculture, food and environmental products and services

Smithers Rapra is the global leader in rubber, plastics, polymer and composites testing, consulting and information products and events, with key focuses including the tire, industrial, transportation, consumer and medical industries. For more information, visit www.smithersrapra.com.

bio.be is the Belgian federation of companies active in life sciences and biotechnologies. It is part of essenscia, the Belgian federation for chemistry and life sciences industries. The mission of bio.be/essencia to foster a supportive environment and a stable legal framework in line with the trend for innovation, an essential factor for (www.bio.be):

 - the economic sustainability and employment growth in the sector
 - the capability of this sector to answer major societal challenges