Paul Gilding Opening Plenary 2016 Video

As the EFIB 2017 programme and speaker line-up take shape, we’ve reflected on the 2016 plenary session which highlighted the importance of driving change within the bioeconomy in order to address impending climate and food crises.

Paul Gilding, Independent Corporate Advisor, Author (“The Great Disruption”) and Former Executive Director, Greenpeace International gave an insightful presentation on learning from the mistakes made around the GMO issue and more importantly, creating business growth by driving transformational change with support from communities and consumers. 

EFIB 2017 will further the discussions around the innovations and technologies that are already in place and those which are needed to satisfy the needs of society and ensure that the bioeconomy succeeds as a key driver of sustainability.

Watch the full 2016 opening plenary presentation below: 

Source of Video: EuropaBio - The European Association for Bioindustries

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