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Wednesday 1 October: Conference Day One

Opening Plenary at EFIB 2014

Official EFIB Opening Plenary

Sponsored by IAR

Session chair: Ian Hudson, President, DuPont EMEA, Switzerland

09.00 - 09.10Opening remarks
Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director, Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio, Belgium
09.05 - 09.15Official Welcoming Address
Jean-Paul Bachy, President of the Regional Council of Champagne-Ardenne, France
09.15 - 09.30EU Policy Keynote
Gwenole Cozigou, Director, Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, Directorate for Resources Based, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods Industries
09.30 - 09.35The commitment of farmers in the bioeconomy
Olivier de Bohan, Chairman, Foundation Jacques de Bohan
The shale gas revolution: impacts on investments and market development
09.35 - 10.10

A petrochemical /energy perspective
Thierry Capelle, General Manager, New Business Development Group, Shell Chemicals, UK

Bio-based chemistry: opportunities & challenges for the European industry
Daniele Ferrari, CEO, Versalis SpA and Chairman, Matrica SpA

Implications for the biobased sector
Francois de Bie, Chair, European Bioplastics Association, Netherlands

10.10 - 10.40

Feedstocks for the Future; what does the shale gas boom mean for Europe's transition to a biobased economy?

Speakers from the above session will come together to discuss the implications of the shale gas boom, moderated by Ian Hudson, President, DuPont EMEA

 Morning refreshments will be served in the exhibition hall and 1-to-1 partnering begins
Supply chain perspectives: scale-up, collaboration and commercialisation
11.20 - 11.25Opening remarks from Chair
Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Director, Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio, Belgium
11.25 - 11.45Industry Keynote Perspectives; successfully using renewable resources and scale-up of plant production facilities in France
Jean Luc Dubois, Scientific Director, Arkema, France
Alain Commissaire, CEO, Cristal Union, France
11.45 - 12.40Biobased value chains; showcasing new and novel partnerships

Each speaker will provide their own perspectives of the opportunities and challenges in achieving successful commercialisation of biobased products in consumer goods, following which a panel discussion will address how to bridge the gaps in the creation of dynamic new value chains

Panellists confirmed include:

Zanna McFerson, Chief Business Officer, Amyris, US
Jean-Marc Otero del Val, Manager, TOTAL, France
Laurence Dufrancatel, Materials & Processes Innovation, Group Leader & Biomaterials Development Leader, Faurecia, France
Babette Petersen, COO, BioAmber, Belgium

12.40 - 13.55Lunch will be served for all speakers and delegates in the exhibition hall

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Afternoon tracks part 1 at EFIB 2014

View Chemical Building Blocks workshop and Showcase Theatre below


TRACK 1: Achieving global scale-up of the biobased economy - a world tour

Focusing on the opportunities and challenges in developing a biobased economy, including case studies of policy in practice, showcasing successful commercialisations.

TRACK 2: Innovation Track

Demonstrating how innovation in this sector is rife and how value has been driven in the bioeconomy through heightened R&D in Europe

Sponsored by: futurol
13.55 - 14.00Introduction from Session Chair
Barend Verachtert, Acting Head of Unit Bio-based products and processing, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Belgium
Introduction from Session Chair:
Jos Peeters, Managing Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners, Belgium
14.00 - 14.20Policy drivers for biobased chemical markets: Success stories and challenges
Kevin M. Moran, Director, Pine Chemistry Panel, American Chemistry Council, US
The fragrant wind of change: Cyanobacteria fragrance and flavour production in Dutch greenhouses
Michiel Lensink, CEO, Photanol BV, Netherlands
14.20 - 14.40Scale up in Japan
Dr Yukawa, Director, RITE and CSO/CTO, Green Earth Institute, Japan
Innovative biomaterials from insect biotechnologies
Antoine Hubert, President / R&D Director, Ynsect, France
14.40 - 15.00Commercial scale up case study and potential of bioplastics in Thailand
Dr Pipat Weerathaworn, President, Thai Bioplastic Industry Association (TBIA), Thailand
Efficient synthesis of specialty carbohydrates through industrial biotechnology
Dr Joeri Beauprez, Chief Scientific Officer, INBIOSE, Belgium
15.00 - 15.20Policy turned into practice to advance the biobased economy in Canada
David Harris Kolada, Vice President, Alliances & Market Development, Sustainable Development Technology Canada
Fleet test project; joint venture between Clariant, Mercedes and Haltermann
Dr Gloria Gaupmann, Public & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Group Biotechnology, Clariant, Germany
15.20 - 15.40UK-Norway: Driving business innovation through strategic bilateral agreements
Michelle Carter, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network, UK
The Futurol project: from pilot to commercialisation
Dr. Frédéric Martel, General Manager, Futurol Project, SAS PROCETHOL 2, France
15.40 - 16.25Afternoon refreshments served in the exhibition hall

View below continuation of all afternoon tracks


Tracks 3 and 4


TRACK 3: Chemical Building Blocks

What do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry?

Led by:biotic

TRACK 4: Exhibition showcase

Taking place in the exhibition area this showcase of new technologies and research is the only track open to all attendees of EFIB, including those with exhibition only passes.

14.00 - 14.20Opening remarks
Claire Gray, Project Coordinator, Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBiO, Belgium
Selection technology: from R&D tools via Pharma to bio-industry applications
Dr Philippe Gabant, CSO-Founder, Syngulon, Belgium
14.20 - 14.40In this workshop, part of the FP7 project BIO-TIC, participants will develop a series of actions needed to overcome barriers to the use of IB in chemical building block production and use in EuropeEco-footprint: a new tool for the made in CHIMEX considered approach
Sebastien Duprat De Paule , Chimex (L'Oreal), France
14.40 - 15.00Speakers:
- Elsbeth Roelofs, Senior Business Consultant, TNO, Netherlands
-Katja Salmenkivi, Principal, Head of Chemicals and Bio-based materials, Pöyry Management Consulting, Finland
- Dr Dirk Carrez, Managing Director, Clever Consult, Belgium
- Claire Gray, Project Coordinator, Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio, Belgium

Novel profitable production of pure lycopene, using integrative biology under bioreactor conditions
Raul Cuero, Founder, International Park Of Creativity, Colombia
15.00 - 15.25Enzyme-assisted aqueous extraction process for the industrial production of biosourced ingredients
Dr Nathalie Claisse, Research Scientist, Separation and Purification Division, Biolie SAS, France
15.20 - 15.40Press set-up time for press conference
15.40 - 16.25Networking refreshment break and EFIB and Biorefinery week press conference

Afternoon tracks part 2 at EFIB 2014


TRACK 1: Achieving global scale-up of the biobased economy - continued

TRACK 2: Innovation Track

R&D case studies showcasing scale up of biobased technologies

Sponsored by: gea

TRACK 3: Chemical Building Blocks

What do we need to do to build sustainable foundations for the biobased chemicals industry?

Led by:biotic

16.25 - 16.30Welcome back
Barend Verachtert, Acting Head of Unit Bio-based products and processing, European Commission, DG Research & Innovation, Belgium
Opening remarks
Dr. Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Participants will be asked to comment on and evaluate a set of recommendations and assess their effectiveness.

Visit for more information and to register your interest in this session

16.30 - 16.50Sunshine, sorghum and sugarcane: Opportunities for tropical biomass bio-refineries in Queensland, Australia
Dr Robert Speight, Associate Professor, Microbial Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Revolutionising access to novel commercial enzymes
Dr Andrew Ellis, Technical Director, Biocatalysts, UK
16.50 - 17.10Funding for biobased industry development in France
Laurent Arthaud, Director Investment Biotech & Ecotech BPI, France
Innovative enzyme formulations unlocking the path to low cost lignocellulosic sugars
Alex Michine, CEO, MetGen, Finland
17.10 - 17.30Commercial success and scale-up in Brazil
Gabriel Lourenço Gomes, Chefe de Departamento - AIB/DEINQ and Alan Hiltner, VP Business Development, Granbio, Brazil
From phyto-mining to green processing and synthesis for biocosmetics
Jacques Biton, CEO, Stratoz, France
17.30 - 17.50The South African Bio-economy Strategy
Mmboneni Muofhe, Deputy Director General: Technology Innovation, Department of Science and Technology, South Africa
DEINOVE: Creating a cost-effective consolidated bioprocess
Emmanuel Petiot, CEO, Deinove, France
17.50 - 18.10Panel discussionThe missing link for the bio-based model innovation!
Marcel Lubben, President, Reverdia
Close of session
18.10Close of tracks 1 and 2 


18.30 Grand Champane Evening Reception -

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*Agenda subject to change

EFIB is organised by EuropaBio and Smithers Rapra

EuropaBio is the European Association for Bioindustries and was created in 1996 to provide a voice for the biotech industry at the EU level. EuropaBio's mission is to promote an innovative and dynamic biotechnology-based industry in Europe.

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