19 October 2016: Conference Day 1

EFIB 2016 will provide 650+ delegates with insights from over 100 speakers around what success looks like so far in the biobased industry and what routes need to be taken to ensure future triumphs.

Pre-event workshops will take place on the afternoon of 18 October; choose from our 'Synthetic Biology Masterclass' and the 'Biowaste to value: how can policy makers help? Workshop'

EFIB 2016: Opening Plenary


  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Welcome to EFIB 2016

    Joanna Dupont Inglis | Director, Industrial Biotechnology of EuropaBio

  3. Chair's opening remarks

    Ian Hudson | Former Board Member of EuropaBio

  4. The great disruption opportunity

    Paul Gilding | Independent Corporate Advisor and Author (“The Great Disruption”) of Former Executive Director, Greenpeace International

    As society hits the limits to growth in the old model and climate and food crises emerge, innovation and technology holds the key for society and for market opportunity. But how does business respond and not repeat the mistakes of the GMO issue? Can we create business growth by driving transformational change with community and consumer support? Paul Gilding has a background in both activism and 20 years as an advisor to the Boards and Executives of many global corporations. With this unique combination of perspectives he will explore these issues and give guidance on how to succeed.

  5. Lost in translation

    Professor Dame Anne Glover CBE FRSE | Vice Principal for External Affairs, Dean for Europe of University of Aberdeen

  6. Joint Q&A with keynote speakers

    Paul Gilding and Dame Anne Glover CBE FRSE take to the stage for a joint Q&A

  7. Networking break


Moderator: Nathalie Moll, Secretary-General, EuropaBio

  1. Scottish Ministerial address

    Paul Wheelhouse MSP | Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy of Scottish Government

  2. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Life Sciences address (invited)

  3. Innovating towards circular success - Crossing the "Valley of Death"

    Mark Simmers | Chief Executive Officer of Celtic Renewables Ltd.

    Exploring the challenges faced in the journey of Celtic Renewables from university spin-out, through start-up, and on to commercial scale.

  4. Panel: Creating markets within the circular economy - what role for IB?

    Featuring senior leading officials from DG ENV and DG GROW

    • What new markets can be created in the transition towards a circular economy? (e.g. markets for secondary raw materials)
    • What is the role of industrial biotech in these?
    • How to ensure that the right policy framework is in place for the development of the circular economy in the single market
    • What will be the role of the consumer?
    • Gaining insight into how to make public procurement work for IB


    David Newman, Managing Director, Bio-based and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA)

    Panellists include:

    Jocelyn Blériot, Executive Officer; Lead, Communications and Policy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    Gwenole Cozigou, Director for Industrial Transformation and Advanced Value Chains, DG GROW, European Commission

    Dr Hugo-Maria Schally, Head of Unit for Eco-innovation and Circular Economy, DG ENV, European Commission

    Tom Domen, Global Head of Long Term Innovation, ecover

  5. Networking lunch

Track A


  1. Chair's opening remarks

    Dr Yvonne Armitage, Head of Industrial Biotechnology & Biosciences, KTN

  2. Biobased Economy in Europe and how to secure the biomass resource base in the coming decades

    Prof. Dr. André P.C. Faaij | Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis of University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe

  3. Life beyond EU sugar quotas: how might their disappearance influence supply, demand and price?

    Dr Sarah Hickingbottom | Oleo & Bio Based Chemicals of LMC International

  4. Urban organic wastes as a feedstock for emerging bio-refineries

    Dan Noakes | Business Manager of CPI

  5. Towards a cellulose-based society – current trends, future scenarios, and the role of the materials in a biobased economy

    Dr Marco Lucisano | Vice President, Director Papermaking & Packaging of Innventia

  6. Networking Break

  7. Panel: Feedstock for scale-up in Europe: Where do we go from here?

    Panel featuring Energy Academy Europe, NNFCC, SE4All, CPI and nova-Institut

    • Do we have enough feedstock to scale up Europe?
    • What needs to be done to improve the situation?
    •  Do we accept that scale-ups happen overseas only and Europe should focus elsewhere? Or, if not, how do we access these feedstocks?
    • Discussions around sugar, imports, tariffs, sustainability

    Moderator: Prof Dr Andre P. C. Faaij, Distinguished Professor Energy System Analysis, University of Groningen and Academic Director, Energy Academy Europe

    Panellists include:

    • Gerard Ostheimer, Global Lead Sustainable Bioenergy HIO, UN Sustainable Energy For All
    • David Turley, Executive: Lead Consultant - Biobased Feedstocks, NNFCC
    • Michael Carus, Director, nova-Institut
    • Dan Noakes, Business Manager, CPI
  8. Chair's closing remarks

  9. Networking Drinks at the Glasgow Science Centre - Sponsored by Team Scotland led by SDI

    Experience the “skirl” of the Scottish bagpipes which will lead you on the short walk to the fantastic Glasgow Science Centre. Hosted by Team Scotland, you will enjoy an evening of informal networking over drinks whilst enjoying the surroundings and many of the exhibitions.   

Track B

PitchFest 2016

EFIB PitchFest 2016 is a programme of investor-ready support for innovative SMEs seeking an opportunity to secure a minimum €1 million investment for their business. SMEs will be taken through a programme of business mentoring and pitch training provided by their regional agency. One SME from each region will be selected to pitch to a judging panel of investors in a specially formatted session during the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB) conference, 18-20 October in Glasgow, Scotland.

  1. Chair's opening remarks

  2. 12 presentations from innovative IB start-ups

    Judges include BASF VC, S’InvesTec and Sofinnova Partners so far

    Hear from the best of the best in today's start-up market, hand-chosen following a rigorous selection process throughout key European regions.  

    Presentations will be given in front of a judging panel of investors who will give feedback on the showcase, including:

    • Michael-Jean Nettersheim, Investment Manager, BASF VC
    • John Williams, Senior Partner and Chief Technical Officer, S’InvesTec LLC
    • Joško Bobanović, Partner, Sofinnova Partners

     Find out more about how to apply below:

    DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS 17:00 Monday 20 June 2016

    Why apply?

    There are two phases to the process:

    Phase 1    All applicants receive pitch training and investment, pitch and   business mentoring

    Phase 2    One company is selected to receive a portfolio of support

    All applicants receive:

    • A programme of business mentoring and pitch training for free

    A selected company goes through to Phase 2 and receives:

    •  A slot in the agenda at EFIB PitchFest 2016 to pitch to a judging panel of investors
    • The potential to receive a minimum of €1 million of investment*
    • A platform and exposure to around 700 business leaders and investors from around the world
    • A free two-day pass to attend EFIB 2016 in Glasgow, Scotland

    Criteria for applications

    • A Small Medium Size Enterprise (SME) according to European Commission definition.
    • Ambitious and innovative. 
    • An SME committed to the bioeconomy agenda.
    • Seeking a potential investment of a minimum of €1 million*.
    • Willing to participate in a programme of business mentoring and pitch training.
    • Willing and available to participate in the Company Showcase Session at EFIB PitchFest 2016 should they be selected on a yet to be confirmed date between 18 - 20 October 2016 in Glasgow.


    For enquiries please contact Michelle Carter, The Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd. michelle.carter@ktn-uk.org; 07825727712

    Participating regions

    (Other global regions will be added as and when agreements have been formalised)

    UK (SMEs apply above)

    Finland – harri.valimaki@tiedepuisto.fi

    Belgium - katrien.molders@bbeu.org

    Sweden - Julia.Parker@skane.se

    Poland - kmurzyn@lifescience.pl

    Regional agencies (EU or non-EU) wishing to participate and deliver a programme of businness mentoring and pitch training support please contact Sarah Petrie  Sarah.Petrie@scotent.co.uk

  3. Audience vote on the best pitch

  4. Chair's closing remarks

  5. Networking Drinks at the Glasgow Science Centre - Sponsored by Team Scotland led by SDI

    Experience the “skirl” of the Scottish bagpipes which will lead you on the short walk to the fantastic Glasgow Science Centre. Hosted by Team Scotland, you will enjoy an evening of informal networking over drinks whilst enjoying the surroundings and many of the exhibitions.   

Track C


  1. Chair's opening remarks

  2. Lignin, cellulose derivatives and xylose: innovating bio-based solutions from second-generation biomass

    Dirk den Ouden | Global Technology Scouting Director of Stora Enso

  3. Metabolism architects: from a blank sheet to an industrial-scale molecule production using the latest metabolic engineering techniques

    Cyrille Pauthentier | CEO & CSO of Abolis Biotechnologies

  4. Increased efficiency and predictability in developing efficient biologic production systems through integrated synthetic biology approaches

    Dr Ian Fotheringham | Managing Director of Ingenza

  5. Title to be confirmed

    Senior representative, Bouygues Energies and Services

  6. Industrial scale purification of bio-based chemicals

    Marlene Beyerle | Technology Intelligence/R&D Project Manager of NOVASEP

  7. Using renewable energy to bioconvert CO2 into building blocks and polymers

    Dr Karolien Vanbroekhoven | Programme Manager Bioprocessing of VITO

  8. Development of a nitrilase catalysed transformation of a waste stream to an industrially relevant dibasic ester

    Dr Chris Reeve | Technical Development Manager of CPI

  9. Progress in innovative plants that have received support from BioBase4SME

    Dr Lieve Hoflack | Project Manager of Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

  10. Networking Break

  11. Chair's opening remarks

  12. Innovation in lipid’s chemistry : A New Generation of Polyester with surprising properties

    Carine Alfos | Innovation Director of ITERG

  13. A cost-effective route to bio-based packaging with 5-HMF, FDCA and PEF

    Thomas Kläusli | Chief Marketing Officer of AVA BIOCHEM

  14. Direct fermentation to isobutene: How synthetic biology becomes an industrial reality

    Bernard Chaud | VP for Industrial Strategy of Global Bioenergies

  15. Why bio-based phenol is of interest for Covestro as a polycarbonate producer

    Dr Frank Buckel | PCS Sustainability Director of Covestro Deutschland AG

  16. DSM: lessons learnt in the bio-based economy

    Ward Mosmuller, Director Global Public Affairs, DSM

  17. Chair's closing remarks

  18. Networking Drinks at the Glasgow Science Centre - Sponsored by Team Scotland led by SDI

    Experience the “skirl” of the Scottish bagpipes which will lead you on the short walk to the fantastic Glasgow Science Centre. Hosted by Team Scotland, you will enjoy an evening of informal networking over drinks whilst enjoying the surroundings and many of the exhibitions.