Tuesday, 27 October: Pre-Conference Workshops

EFIB 2015 include 2 pre-conference workshops, which took place the day prior to the main conference, and finished in time for all participants to make their way to the welcome reception in the exhibition area

Workshop 1: Enzyme expression in Pichia, organised by OPTIBIOCAT (10-5pm) - registration at 9.30am

At this full day workshop, scientists and industry experts will discuss new developments in enzyme overproduction and will put a special emphasis on the expression system Pichia pastoris.

10-11am: Introductory session: Advanced constituents for personal care products

> Novel enzymes for greener cosmetics – Introducing the OPTIBIOCAT project
Prof Vincenza Faraco, Associate Researcher and Aggregate Professor, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy

> Active components in cosmetics and claims of cosmetic companies
Dr Marianna Ralli, Scientific Affairs Manager, KORRES Natural Products, Greece

11am-5pm: Focus session: Enzyme overproduction (Pichia pastoris)

The yeast Pichia pastoris has become a substantial workhorse in the biotechnology. P. pastoris is a well-established protein expression host mainly applied for the production of biopharmaceuticals and industrial enzymes. Our panel will give an insight into the latest developments and findings in this field of research and discuss current techniques and potential optimisations of the expression system.

> Pichia pastoris: strains, parts & methods
Anton Glieder, Professor in Biotechnology, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Graz, Austria

> Engineering by design: Systems biology based development of the Pichia pastoris protein production platform
Diethard Mattanovich, Full Professor of Microbial Cell Factory Design, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

> Cultivation strategies to enhance productivity of Pichia pastoris
Karin Kovar, Head of the Bioprocess Technology Section, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Waedenswil, Switzerland

> Pichia process optimisation by co-feeding procedure
Patrick Fickers, Professor of the Microbial Processes and Interactions research unit, University of Li├Ęge, Gembloux, Belgium

> Requirements on Pichia for the production of industrial enzymes
Andreas Buthe, c-LEcta GmbH, Leipzig, Germany

Taking place from 10-5pm, tickets are available at €599 - places are limited register now

Workshop 2: Mapping the potential of a waste-based bioeconomy (2-5.30pm) - registration at 1.30pm

Exploring the opportunities for using waste as a feedstock for the manufacture of chemicals, energy and fuels.

In this workshop we will use invited talks and open discussions to explore the opportunities to use waste as a feedstock and with special reference to the manufacture of higher value chemicals as well as energy products, and to future bio-refineries. Case studies will cover different feedstocks drawn from different stages in the food supply chain and the use of different bio- and chem-technologies for extraction and conversion. 

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Industrial Perspectives on the Waste Economy
    Christine Parry, CoProducts Technical Manager at AB Agri
  • Waste as a resource for the bioeconomy
    James Clark, Chair of EU COST Action Network on Food Supply Chain Waste Valorisation
  • Scale-up – challenges and opportunities case studies
    Chaired by Mehrdad Arshadi, Sweden University of Life Sciences
    With: Apostolis Koutinas, Assistant Professor, Agricultural University of Athens
    Dr Joe Ross, Director of Biorenewables Development Centre
    Tony Duncan, CEO, Circa Group
    Rop Zoetemeyer, President, BioBasedDelta
  • Social acceptance and commercial reality case studies
    Chaired by Nick Gathergood, Head of Chair of Green Chemistry, Tallinn Technical University 
    With: Michael Carus, CEO, Nova-Institut,
    Piergiuseppe Morone, Associate Professor, La Sapienza University of Rome
    Maurizio Prosperi, Leader of WP5 - Evaluation of Research Capacity, STAR Agro Energy
    Pieter Meuwissen, Project Manager, Brabant Development Agency 
  • Plus a discussion on mapping the market – the most promising waste-based chemicals, materials and fuels for the emerging bioeconomy

Taking place from 2-5.30pm, tickets are available at €399 - places are limited, register now